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Glamnetic Evolution

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Material Step 1:

Mink: Made from real mink hair so lashes look natural, and are so light, you won't even feel them.

Vegan: Made from the highest quality synthetic fibers, our Vegan lashes look and act just like mink.

Style Step 2:

Round: Lashes have a round shape, so each of the individual fibers are roughly the same length all the way around.

Wispy: These wispy lashes are made up of a combination of long and short lengths, perfect for flirtatious fluttering.

Cat Eye: Our cat eye shape lashes are longer on the outside and shorter on the inside for a little touch of drama.

Length Step 3:

Short: This natural-looking length is the perfect choice for everyday wear, and for anyone trying falsies for the first time.

Medium: Lashes with fuller volume and medium length are the perfect balance of subtle and glam.

Long: These lashes bring a touch of high-end drama to any occasion, perfect for adding wow-factor to day-to-evening outfits.

Eye liner Step 4:

  • Soo Future! Magnetic Liner Pen

Soo future magnetic felt tip eyeliner pen: This pen is dual purpose, giving you the perfect pigmented wing while holding your lashes in place all day.

Magnetic liquid eyeliner: The innovative formula requires minimal waiting time and provides all-day hold for your longest days and wildest nights!

Lash Step 5:

  • Babygirl
  • Bella
  • Birthday Bi$h
  • Bo$$ Babe
  • Bombshell
  • Brat
  • IDC
  • LYSM
  • OFC
  • OMG
  • OMW
  • XOXO
  • QT
  • Va Va Voom
  • Vacay
  • Venus
  • Verified
  • Vibe
  • VIP
  • Viral
  • Virgo
  • Vixen
  • Vogue
  • Vegan Lush
  • Livin'
  • Luxe
  • Love
  • Lucky
  • Lust
  • Lush
  • Lavish
  • Ecstasy
  • Eccentric
  • Ethereal
  • Ecstasy X
  • Ego
  • Ecstasy Xtra
  • Power
  • Honey
  • Princess
  • Queen
  • Sweetie
  • Hello Kitty Natural
  • Hello Kitty Medium
  • Hello Kitty Glam
  • My Melody
  • Chococat
  • Gudetama
  • Kuromi

Babygirl is a natural lash that has a fantastic curl and dimensionality to it.

Bella's winged-eye gives you a super subtle and flirty vibe.

Birthday Bi$h has an ultra-wispy cat-eye shape that adds a hint of allure to your look.

Take it up a notch with these voluminous lashes and create the perfect sultry look.

A glam length cat-eye that is sexy, confident, and flawless.

The slightly criss-cross hairs give these lashes a very fluffy and realistic look.

These feathery lashes give your natural lashes long, fluffy length with synthetic fibers that look very real.

lysm <3 is a beautifully designed wispy and round lash that is ideal for everyday wear.

ofc ;) is a sexy, sultry cat eye that is ideal for a night at the bar after work.

omg :o lashes are a truly dramatic, full volume pair that give you a big dose of glam.

This glam, wispy lash has a subtle cat eye that adds a flare to your look.

Their feathery look amplifies your natural lashes without looking too extra, for a realistic appearance.

The qt :) lash is your everyday sweetheart lash that feels natural and lightweight.

This seriously wispy lash features strands ranging from 12-18mm for a truly dramatic look.

Vacay is the perfect round, fluffy lash, that will make you look like a barbie doll.

With its natural-looking subtle winged shape, these lashes are packed with class and glamour.

These full volume and winged shaped lashes are the perfect balance of subtle and glam.

Vibe is the sexy, bold cat-eye you've been searching for.

The semi-dramatic winged shape has plenty of volume and creates a glamorous almond-shaped effect.

Viral is the perfect round, wispy medium-length lash, with feathery ends that will give you a youthful doe-eyed look.

They're our most natural-looking vegan lash, perfect for the office, school or brunch with friends.

With their gorgeous 14-15mm length, our Vixen magnetic lashes are made for flirtatious fluttering.

Our show-stopping Vogue lash has plenty of volume and a playful wispy style for ultimate drama.

This lash is perfect for when you’re needing a fix of all out glam and simple to apply even for beginners.

Light, natural looking and rounded, they add a subtle somethin' somethin' to your everyday looks.

Subtle yet sexy, the Luxe lash is perfect for adding some drama to your natural look.

Wispy, with just a hint of drama, they're made for date night.

Feeling Lucky? With its killer cat-eye shape and natural looking length, we sure are.

Round and voluminous, Lust is the lash for taking date night looks up a notch.

One of our highest rated magnetic lashes, this round lash is super bold with lots of length and volume.

With subtle separation, they have an innocent and flirtatious style that will turn any Hollywood starlet green with envy.

The lashes feature bright strands scattered among black fibers for serious wow-factor.

With their vibrant purple, blue and turquoise color, our ECCENTRIC lashes are anything but ordinary.

The subtle mix of purple and black strands create mystical vibes.

Fully-dyed, these colorful premium mink lashes are hot pink with purple ombré roots for a seriously striking look.

Featuring deep purple mixed with classic black, the effect is subtle yet striking and unexpected.

ECSTASYXTRA is the most dramatic sister of the pink Ecstasy Lashes, she is big and full of volume.

Mimicking the beautiful spectrum of the rainbow ROYGBIV (added with hot pink) the POWER lash is a show stopper with it's striking color and round shape.

Honey is perfect for achieving a full cat eye look with only half the lash!

Feel like a princess day in and day out with the natural, fluffy style that blends perfectly with your authentic lash.

Indulge in a long, lush half lash perfect for bringing a little extra glam to your everyday looks.

Serve up some sweet, natural looks with these half lashes crafted for effortless day to day wear.

Just as sweet as Hello Kitty herself, this short cat eye lash is the perfect addition to any look.

The short length keeps your look natural while the fluttery cat eye adds the element of flirtatious fun to your look instantly.

A flattering fit on almond and deep set eyes, this style adds an instant pop of fluttery fullness to your lashes.

This short, subtle lash is featured in a round shape making it the perfect fit for any eye shape!

Flattering and comfortable for almost every eye shape, this flirty lash is one you don’t want to miss out on!

This short cat eye inspired by the effortlessly adorable vibes of Gudetama is made to keep you looking gorgeous and glam even on those lazy days.

Created to channel all of the delightful mischievousness of Kuromi, you’ll feel nothing but cool and confident in this medium length lash!


Up to 60 Wears

No glue to clump up on the lash band means greater reliability and easier to clean!

Waterproof / Smudgeproof

Our waterproof formula stays intact all day long and won't flake on you.


Easily trim the lash in smaller increments while maximizing staying power.

Precut Band Ready To Wear

No trimming required! Lash band is precut to 2.9cm to sit on your eye perfectly.

All-day Wear

Your Glamnetic lashes will stay perfectly in place comfortably all day long due to our innovative magnetic liner formula.

Highest Quality

Handmade from the highest quality fibers, Glamnetic lashes have unparalleled dimensionality and curl

Us vs Them

Reusable 60 Wears
Price Per Wear
6 Magnets / Max Hold
Easy To Remove
1-Minute Application
Eyelash Extensions
Strip Lashes

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