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The world’s easiest reusable lash application solution. Pair Glamnetic magnetic lashes with our magnetic liner for all day hold and up to 60 wears.






1 Min. Apply


Latex/Paraben Free

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      13 products

      13 products

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      Magnetic Lashes Liner - Step 1 for Dramatic Looks
      Here it is—our magnetic lashes liner! Designed especially to use with our collection of high-octane and natural looking lashes, our eyeliner can be used to create a range of looks. Plus, because it's packed with pigment, it looks just as good without our lashes as with it. Say hello to your new cosmetic bag staple.

      Every Glamnetic Look Begins with Magnetic Lash Eyeliner
      Add our magnetic lashes liner to your make-up routine and you'll never need to mess around with lash glue again. As well as being pigmented in shades of black and brown, and having a gorgeous liquid or gel texture for creating the perfect cat-eye swoop, it's also filled with magnetic power. This keeps our best-selling magnetic lashes firmly in place. Whatever the day throws at you. Totally tear-proof, sweat-proof, wind-proof and life-proof, they'll stick around all through the day - and well into the night.

      Choose Your Magnetic Lashes Liner Color
      Our magnetic lash eyeliner comes in classic shades of black and brown so you can serve all sorts of looks. We love using neutral hues to create a subtle base for natural-look lashes, while our dramatic eyeliners really pop against high-octane colorful lashes. Our magnetic lashes eyeliner works just like the non-magnetic stuff. Just slick it on in whichever shape you prefer, using two coats to double-up the magnet magic. If you have a favorite eyeliner that you can't bear to part with, no worries—our magnetic lash liner can be worn over your own make-up to create whichever look you want.

      Build up Your Looks with Our Magnetic Lash Liner Kits
      Once you've got your hands on our magnetic lashes liner, you can start experimenting with our different lash styles. We've got light and fluffy magnetic lashes made from real mink, as well as vegan-friendly faux mink magnetic lashes that look and act just like the real thing. There are lots of different styles to choose from, with wispy daytime-ready pieces as well as seriously built-up voluminous lashes ideal for special occasions. If you can't choose which set to get, check out our curated magnetic lash kits. We've put together bundles of our best-sellers so you have a few different options.

      Liquid or Gel, Find the Magnetic Lashes Liner that Suits Your Style
      Everyone has their own preference when it comes to make-up, so we've made our magnetic eye-liner in a few different styles. Choose from classic liquid eyeliner or go for a creamy gel with a creamy matte texture. They're easy to apply, with precision brushes that make it easy to build up and draw on seriously bold wings. They're also packed with pigment so you can don't have to compromise when you recreate your favorite eye make-up looks.