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How Do Magnetic Eyelashes Work?

If there’s one thing the rise of lash extensions proves, it’s that the world is crazy about longer, dramatic eyelashes. However, for a lot of people, putting on glue-on type extensions themselves remains a daunting task that is usually reserved for beauty experts. For those who don’t want to deal with accidentally pulling off their lashes, getting goo on their eyes or messing up their makeup, or paying someone an obscene amount of money, and not to mention the time, for lash extensions, magnetic eyelashes has become the most viable alternative.

How do magnetic eyelashes work? And more importantly, do they really work? How do you apply them? Can they be removed without hassle? We explore all these and more in this article.

How do magnetic eyelashes work?

Forget the traditional type of magnetic lashes which required you to meticulously sandwich your lashes together between a double layer of magnets. Enter magnetic eyeliner for magnetic lashes! This is a revolutionary new method that is taking the world by storm. For it to work, you just need three things (plus your hand, of course): a pair of magnetic lashes, and magnetic eyeliner- all of which are included when you buy a Glamnetic lash kit. Our lashes and liner have gone through many development phases that have perfected the formula of the magnetic liner, and the selection, look, and feel of the magnetic lashes.

How Do Magnetic Eyelashes Work glamnetic magnetic lashes magnetic eyeliner eyelashes Glamnetic


Magnetic eyeliner and lashes work using the concept of magnetic force. The magnetic lashes are attached to a lash band that have five tiny, lightweight, and inconspicuous magnets on it. Meanwhile, magnetic eyeliner contains FDA-approved iron oxide - a safe and oft-used element in makeup essentials - which has magnetic properties instantly bonds to the magnets on the lash band. This eliminates the need for hazardous glue, making the process a lot quicker, easier, and safer.

(If you’re still wondering “How do magnetic eyelashes work?”, send us a message. We’d be happy to share more about Glamnetic magnetic lash kits!)

But do magnetic eyelashes really work?

Absolutely. The lash and liner set is lab (and customer)-tested to be smudgeproof, prone to hooded and/or oily eyelids, and have an impressive hold of up to 10 hours with comfortable wear - truly, the ideal companion for long hours at work or a night out with friends.

How are magnetic lashes and liner applied?

Now that you know how magnetic eyeliner and lashes work, it’s time to learn how they are applied. It’s actually pretty simple. Do your makeup as you normally do and just swap out your normal liner for Glamnetic liner, or use it on top of your favorite liner. Make sure to apply a semi-thick coat of magnetic eyeliner on your eyelids. Wait for it to be semi-dry (80% we recommend) and then apply the lashes! Pinch and press down lashes to lock them in place or “set” them. Because the magnets are attached to the eyeliner, not your lashes, you won’t accidentally peel off natural lashes in the process or risk glue getting into your eye.
You’ll notice how strong the hold is if you tug on the lashes slightly. This is how you know you’ve applied it properly!


You may also trim the lashes to any length as there are 5 magnets on the lash! Make sure that edges are magnets (no band sticking out).

Taking them off is also just as easy. Just use warm/hot water to wash off your eye makeup and you’ll notice it start to dissolve! A hot shower should do the trick! You can also check out our detailed guide on how to put on magnetic lashes on our website (YouTube tutorial included).

Easy to apply, easy to take off, with almost zero waiting time, zero mess, and zero side effects --- it’s easy to see why more and more people are making the switch to Glamnetic magnetic lashes. Isn’t it time you do too?

How Long Do Magnetic Lashes Last?

One of the most common questions people who want to transition from normal false lashes to magnetic ones - or simply want to give it a try - ask is, “How long do magnetic lashes last?”

With Costs, time, and effort being main factors in your purchase decision - the lifespan of magnetic lashes is a very important consideration. Imagine how costly that would be to buy a set that costs $40 or more only to discard it after a day’s use!

How long do magnetic lashes last compared to glue-on lashes?

Although non-magnetic lash extensions can be reused in general, the answer to how long they would last usually depends on a variety of factors: the materials used to create them, brand, thinness or thickness of bands, and your after-care ability (or lack thereof).

Normally, those made from synthetic material can be worn up to eight times, while those made from animal hair - including mink lashes - provide up to 30 wears. But again, this depends on the brand and how meticulous you are in taking care of them after use.

How Long Do Magnetic Lashes Last glamnetic magnetic lashes magnetic liquid liner


Can you reuse magnetic lashes?

Regardless of the thickness of the lash, style, or after care, Glamnetic’s magnetic lashes are durable enough to last more than 30 applications. They are made of the highest quality magnets and a thin lash band for comfortability. They will actually last for as long as you take care of them as there is no glue to clump up on the lash band, contorting and messing up the lash, which makes normal lashes unusable after a few uses. The lash and eyeliner hold up to 10 hours (essentially, the entire day). That means that if you wear the lashes daily, it’s totally usable for over a month. Treat them with utmost care, and they are bound to serve you longer.

In addition, the magnetic eyeliner to which you attach the lashes can be used for over 90 applications, or more than three months.

Why is this important?

It’s economical. Forget hundreds of dollars on professionally done extensions. Glamnetic faux mink lashes cost only $37.99 for the magnetic liner, $29.99 for the lashes, or $89.99 for a discounted bundle of two lashes and your choice of liner. Again, this stretches to more than one month, with daily use. Way cheaper than lash extensions or multiple pairs of mink lashes. Did we mention it’ll save you time and struggle?


It’s easy to clean and thus, less prone to damage. Compared to glue-on falsies, which require extra care to rid the lashes of glue, magnetic lashes do not require glue. You don’t need to apply magnetic eyeliner on the lashes either. You simply swipe it on your eyelids and put the eyeliner on top. The eyeliner does not clump on the lash band, making it super easy to clean and not as subject to damage as glue-on ones.

Now that you know the answer to the question “How long do magnetic lashes last?”, it’s time you get started. Check out the Glamnetic magnetic liquid eyeliner and lash kits.

The Lazy Girl's Hack to A 5-Minute Beauty Routine

Want to look fab but only got a few minutes or little energy to spare for a beauty routine? Whether it’s in the morning or in the evening, this quick makeup hack guarantees you’re in your utter best in five minutes (or less).

The Lazy Girl's Hack to A 5-Minute Beauty Routine magnetic lashes glamnetic magnetic liner kit

Step 1: Wash your face and wipe gently.

Washing your face before putting on makeup is a must. This makes sure you don’t get all the dirt and oil trapped under all that makeup, and that you are starting off on a “clean slate”. Be sure to use lukewarm or warm water. 

Step 2: Apply moisturizer with SPF.

Better hydrated skin absorbs makeup better and holds makeup much longer. Moisturizer ensures that your makeup doesn’t cake up and your skin remains fresh and hydrated.

Using two fingers of one hand, dab on moisturizer on your nose, forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck. If you are wearing a low-cut piece, be sure to dab on some on your chest as well. To blend, use two fingers of each hand and work your way up from the neck (or chest) to the forehead in a swirling motion.

Be sure to use moisturizer that matches your skin type. Oil-free moisturizers are great for normal or oily skin or a combination of both. Heavy moisturizers are best for people with dry skin, but note that they also make your face dewy and are harder to manipulate as a base. Some people opt to use a moisturizing primer, which hydrates your skin and acts as a good base for makeup altogether. Choose a moisturizer with at least SPF 15 for sun protection, especially if you anticipate a long day out. 

Step 3: Dab on concealer.

Concealers are a must in any lady’s everyday beauty routine. Not only is concealer super effective for hiding dark spots, eye circles, acne or pimple, and uneven skin tone, it also makes your skin radiant and your features stand out.

Liquid concealer works best with oily skin and huge pores, while stick and cream variants make your pores appear bigger. To hide breakouts, use cream or pencil concealer.

Begin with the area underneath your eyes. Dab on using a brush (best if you have breakouts) or your fingertips to form an upside down triangle, with the pointy edge down your cheeks. Blend it by simply patting or dabbing. Don’t rub.

Apply to spots you want to conceal by dabbing as well, making sure to blend gently in an outwards motion. Use a thin layer if you are spreading it across a rather large area on your face.

Step 4: Put loose powder and blush.

With a large brush, dust loose powder foundation all over your face. Make sure to cover the corners of your eyes and lash line, and do additional dusting on areas with concealer.

Blush can also be applied to add some color on your cheeks, although this one’s optional. Sweep blush over your cheekbones and blend well. Light coral or soft pink hues complement fair skin well, while warm mauve and deep peach work best with medium skin tone. Use berry, tangerine, fuchsia, or warm brown blush if you have dark skin.

Step 5: Sweep eyeshadow.

For an ultra-zippy beauty routine, most makeup experts usually advise choosing between your eyes or your lips. Get the best of both worlds by quickly sweeping one shade of eyeshadow (brown, bronze, grey, or other shades) across your creases of eyeshadow.

Step 6: Apply magnetic eyeliner and lashes.

Here’s a great way to lessen the time you spend on your everyday beauty routine with less mess and less hassle: magnetic liquid eyeliner and magnetic lashes!

Glamnetic magnetic eyelashes magnetic eyeliner kit best

Glamnetic offers easy-to-use kits that consist of magnetic eyeliner and mink lasheswith magnets that easily attaches to the liner. Compared to applying glue-on lashes, the kit takes only seconds to apply, with zero drying time. You also don’t need to apply mascara. This shortens the time you spend on your lash routine and ensures you don’t leave the house with glue on your face or clothes – or spending additional time getting rid of them.

Step 7: Swipe lip balm or sheer gloss.

Finish off by swiping lip gloss or balm over your lips. Be sure it matches the look you are aiming for. If you are wearing bright-colored eyeshadow, opt for a colorless lip gloss. If you want a bronzed look, we recommend using a peach-colored lip balm or gloss.

Step 8: Brush your hair and lock in a ponytail or bun.

No time to wash your hair? If you have medium-length or long hair, put gel on your crown, comb it through your hair strands, and then tie it in a ponytail or bun. If you have short hair, simply brush and mist with hairspray, and voila! Your five-minute beauty routine is done.

The Dangers of Lash Glue

Eyelash extensions can do wonders for your eyes. But did you know that glue-on extensions can also harm you in the short and long-term? From redness and swelling to severe infections and cancer, the dangers of eyelash glue have been extensively studied and documented around the world.

Read on to know the common dangers associated with glue-on sets, plus a safer alternative to eyelash glue.

  • Irritation and redness. Lash glue ranks as one of the most toxic beauty products on the market. Many variants contain a cocktail of hazardous chemicals, including paraben, ammonia, formaldehyde, lead, and sodium dodecylbenzenesulfanate - all of which cause skin irritation, redness, and swelling.
  • Inflammation. One study conducted in Japan between 2007 and 2010 investigated 107 women who visited ophthalmology clinics following lash glue application. It was found that lash glue can cause a variety of inflammatory conditions, including keratoconjunctivitis - inflammation of the cornea and the inner membrane that protects the eyelids - in 64 patients; and blepharitis – inflammation of the eyelids that causes redness and itchiness and formation of scales – in 42 patients. Four patients experienced both.

    Actress Kristin Chenoweth learned this the hard way, citing in various talk shows in 2012 that she had to show up to a TV show with sunglasses one time, because her eyelids became swollen from lash glue , which, she later found out, was filled with noxious formaldehyde. “It looks like I have lips on my eyelids,” she quipped.
  • Allergic reaction. In the same study in Japan, it was discovered that at least three brands contained lead and benzoic acid, as well as formaldehyde levels that were above what is considered safe. Repeat exposure to these substances causes allergic reactions, ranging from redness to oozing or crusting eyelids.
  • Cancer. Apart from allergies, these chemicals are also responsible for one of the most alarming dangers of eyelash glue: cancer. Mounting studies prove that exposure can cause brain, lung, and kidney cancer. Lead poisoning can also cause miscarriage in women and can be fatal to small children.
  • Eye infection. The American Academy of Ophthalmology cautions that lash glue components also lead to infection of the eyelids and the cornea. In fact, a 2012 study of 120 women found that 97.5 percent or 117 female subjects experienced dryness, itchiness, tearing, and purulent discharge – a common sign of infection – following lash glue application. Infections can sometimes also result from dirt and bacteria getting trapped in glue.
  • Loss of lashes. While a lot of people accidentally pull out their natural lashes while applying false lashes , lash glue itself can cause hair loss. As well, the tension that glue and false lashes put on natural lashes can cause them to fall out - a condition called traction alopecia. Although in many cases lashes grow back in six to eight weeks, Britain’s College of Optometrists notes that there are instances when this excessive tension damages the hair shaft and follicle that lash production does not only slow down but stops completely.

To avoid the dangers of eyelash glue, doctors recommend either just getting your lashes done by a professional salon that uses reputable lash glue - an oft-costly service - or do away with extensions completely.

The good news is you won’t have to do either of those because there is now a safer and more budget-friendly alternative to eyelash glue that you can do on your own at home: Glamnetic Magnetic lashes/liner kits.

The Dangers of Lash Glue alternative to eyelash glue dangers of eyelash glue

These game-changing kits come with magnetic liquid eyeliner that you simply swipe on your lids, and a pair of lashes that contain five lightweight magnets each. The magnets on the lashes stick to the eyeliner easily. Because the liner is placed on your eyelashes, there is no tension whatsoever on your natural lashes. Completely weatherproof, they are tested in a cruelty-free lab to ensure they stay on the entire day without paraben and other harmful chemicals found in lash glue.

To get started, we recommend these Glamnetic starter kits


Cindy’s Shocking Discovery Changed the Way She Does Makeup

Messy, daunting, time-consuming - that’s how many women view putting eyelash extensions to be.

Events planner Cindy Hartmann shares that putting on makeup used to take much of her time. She struggled with false lashes in particular, which required her to get ready for client meetings 30 minutes to an hour earlier than usual.

“I have really short eyelashes, so I found false lashes great for opening my eyes and making them look prettier. But the time it takes to do everything, from putting the glue on your lashes, to attaching the extensions to my lashes and making sure they are well-aligned and fully dry before I go, just eats up a lot of time.

As a mother of two, Cindy did not want to spend hundreds of dollars on fancy lashe done by professionals, so she just kept using glue-on falsies, which were a lot cheaper - although obviously with trade offs. “One time, I came in late for a client meeting, because not only did the glue accidentally get on my dress, it also got in my eye. It burned. I thought, ‘There has to be a better way to do lashes than this.’”

That was when Cindy made an amazing discovery that forever changed the way she does makeup: Glamnetic magnetic eyeliner with eyelashes.

Cindy’s Shocking Discovery Changed the Way She Does Makeup

Magnetic Eyelashes vs Glue: What Cindy learned

One of the things Cindy loved about magnetic lashes is they are done completely glue-free and only take seconds to put on. “It’s just like part of your makeup routine. You put the magnetic eyeliner on your lids like you do with normal makeup. Then, you attach the lashes where the liner is, and you’re good to go. You don’t need glue and you don’t need to wait for it to dry. It saves me a lot of time,” she enthused.

The Glamnetic magnetic lashes work because of magnetism between the eyelashes which have 5 tiny light weight magnets on them and the magnetic eyeliner which has iron oxides in it which is FDA approved and safe to use around eyes. Due to these advantages—safe, easy, and fast—there is no need for glue – which doctors also warn about due to their toxic components.

And even if you accidentally get some of that magnetic eyeliner on your eye or lash, it’s 100 hundred percent non-toxic and safe and won’t cause skin irritation or burning.

Glamnetic eyeliner dries instantly and remains smudge-proof and water-proof for the remainder of the day. Your lashes will not fall off while you’re working or out for appointments.

Cindy also says that comparing magnetic eyelashes vs glue, she found magnetic eyelashes do not affect her lashes the way glue-on extensions do. “I used to lose a few lashes whenever I put on and remove the extensions. They say it will grow back in six to eight weeks, but it also freaked me out. It doesn’t look too good when my lashes are bare. Now, I don’t worry about that with magnetic lashes.”

With glue-on kits, glue is placed on your natural lashes; then, false lashes on top. The strain that such everyday routine puts on your natural lashes does not only make your lashes dry and brittle, but also causes them to fall out.

Magnetic eyeliner and lashes are only placed on the eyelid, so you never have to touch your natural lashes. This ensures they remain healthy and intact.

For Cindy, the best part of switching to the magnetic lash system is the time she saves. “I don’t have to wake up super early to do my makeup. If I’m tired, I can use that time for extra sleep, create event plans for my clients, or to spend more time with my kids. That’s something you can’t replace.”

If you’re thinking of switching to a magnetic eyeliner and eyelash system like Cindy did, our article on 5 Reasons Why Women Are Switching Over To Magnetic Lashes gives you a rundown of the features of magnetic eyelashes vs glue