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"Glamnetic is a better investment than glue lashes because you can get more uses out of them and they're easily readjustable and soo much faster than waiting for glue to dry! Not having glue makes it look much more seamless on my eye. I love these!"

Snitchery (Lavish Lash)

My Holy Grail!! I’m absolutely in love, absolutely convinced, absolutely amazed!!!!! Yes, Yes and Yes!!!! I was sooooo skeptical, after doing my research of other β€œsimilarβ€œ lashes (which was a complete fail and disaster) I came across GLAMNETIC, and I haven’t seen not one bad review since!!!! It is so easy and eyelashes just attach themselves to it, it’s MAGIC ;)!

Marina G. (Lush Lash)

"The ultimate beauty product... it's almost like the lashes want to put themselves on! This will add years back into my life. I wont have to wait for glue to dry!"

Natalia Taylor (Viral Lash)

Seriously, this is the BEST product of THE YEAR! Glamnetic has revolutionized the lash industry and I am so pleased with my purchase so much so that I have made yet another purchase after getting my lucky lash and before that my VIP lash! I just purchased the Live it Up Set and cant wait to get them in the mail! Also, shipping was incredibly quick and the packaging is fabulous! They are just THE best! Thank you so much!! πŸ’•

Domonique K (Lucky Lash)

I have always been so skeptical about lashes and I must have sat and thought about buying these for at least a month!!! I waited a month too long for sure!!! I am in LOVE with these lashes!!! Awesome for everyday wear and I cannot wait to buy my next pair!!!

Delia (Virgo Lash)

OBSESSED! I was skeptical at first, but this is the BEST THING I've EVER purchased!! I bought the luxe lash, but I'm seriously going to be buying more! No more messy glue, no more ruining my lashes. LOVE LOVE Glamnetic!!
They complete my look!

Sandra M. (Luxe Lash)

"The application is so quick, easy, and painless! This isΒ THE product of 2020"

Bunny Meyer (Lush Lash)

"Love love love my Glamnetic eyelashes. I was never an eyelash girl because I feared it would be too difficult for me to apply. But when I saw Glamnetic I knew I had to try them out! They look so natural and flawless and they hold on all day until you’re ready to take them off. I’m more than pleased with my four pairs I now own! πŸ’œ"

Heather H. (Lucky Lash)

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