Collection: Wispy Eyelashes

Bring on the "Oomph" with Our Wispy Lashes

Made from soft mink and faux mink for a natural feel, with varying fiber lengths for flirtatious flutter, these magnetic lashes will amp up any look. From long and thick to short and delicate, discover your perfect lashes right here.

Subtle or Dramatic, We've Got Wispy Eyelashes for Every Big Mood

It's the varying strand length that make our wispy lashes stand out. Depending on which style you go for, they can be understated or eye-popping. Shorter ones, with less than a millimeter of difference between strands, are the most unassuming. These are perfect for the office — as well as brunch and day dates. When you really want all eyes on you, look for long lashes with a bigger variance in lash length. Some range from 12 to 18mm. Finally, our flared styles are the perfect hybrid between wispy and cat eye lashes. Perfect for that flirtatious eye-lengthening look.

Wispy Eyelashes Made from Genuine or Faux Mink

Vegan or not, one thing all of our magnetic lashes have in common is that they're made from top-end materials. Our 'L' range is crafted from pure mink. This natural fur is silky-smooth, ultra-light and has a gentle curl — just like real lashes. It's one of the most sought-after materials. As for our faux mink lashes, they're made from a high-quality synthetic fiber that feels and looks just like the real thing. So whichever option you choose, you'll have the perfect flutter.

Our Wispy Lashes are Super Easy to Put On

There's absolutely no hassle involved when it comes to our magnetic lashes. You don't need to mess with glue. Just use a magnetic liner on your eyes, and the magnets on the back of your wispy lashes will automatically stick to it. This keeps them firmly in place throughout the day, and only adds a few seconds to your 'getting ready' routine. We've put together a quick video tutorial to teach you how to apply your magnetic lashes. We've also designed an Instagram filter so you can try all of our magnetic lashes on "virtually" before you buy. 

Expand Your Repertoire With Our Magnetic Lash Bundles

With so many styles to choose from, it's hard to settle on just one set of false eyelashes. We've made it easier to bulk buy by bundling our bestsellers together in our bargainous lash bundles. As well as including two or more sets of lashes, they also feature a magnetic liner — making them the perfect option for beginners. We also give you a sneaky little discount, so it works out less expensive to buy a bundle than to buy all the lashes you want separately. Choose from bundles with just wispy eyelashes, or mix it up with a few different shapes. We love round lashes during the day and cat eyes by night. 

Our wispy lashes will take you from desk to date-night. And, because they're so easy to apply, you have no reason NOT to wear these babies all day, every day. Get ready to serve looks.