Collection: Almond Eye Lashes

Almonds Shaped Eyelashes...OMG So Magnetic! 

Our lashes for almond eyes were made to flatter your face. Whether you're looking for cat eye styles to enhance your natural shape, rounded lashes for a widening effect or wispy lashes for dramatic attitude, these magnetic lashes will make your almond eyes pop.

Do I Have Almond Shaped Eyes?

Almond-shaped eyes are longer than they are round, and taper to a point at either side. This is why people liken them to almond nuts: they're quite similar in shape. If you have almond eyes you'll have a visible crease in your upper eyelid, and you won't be able to see any white above or below your iris. If that sounds like you, our lashes for almond eyes are bound to suit you. If not, check out our other collections for deepset eyes, hooded eyes and monolid eyes.

What type of lashes suit almond eyes?

If you have almond eyes, you're super lucky: this shape is super most versatile, and almost any lash style will suit you! Of course, some styles work better than others. Full, round lashes look especially fantastic. The equal-sized fibers add volume and help to show off the distinct shape of your eyes. Cat eye lashes are another excellent choice. Their tapered shape matches the natural shape of your eyes so they're perfect for showing off what nature gave you. You can get away with being a little daring, so dramatic wispy lashes look good too. Go wild!

Long, medium and short lashes for almond eyes

Our mink and faux mink lashes come in a range of lengths and, thanks to your ultra-versatile eye shape, you can rock any of them. Short round lashes are the most understated and are the perfect choice for adding a little something extra to lowkey looks. Wear them to the office or for casual lunches with the girls. When it's time to really amp things up, long lashes are the answer. They bring drama to any occasion. Then there's medium — not too long, not too short, they're the ultimate day-to-night choice. 

Made from Faux and Real Mink, Our Lashes are Soft and Luxurious

Whichever length you choose, all of our lashes for almond eyes are made from the highest quality materials. Our vegan 'V' range is crafted from synthetic fiber which feels and acts just like real mink. They're lightweight, silky-soft and have a gentle curl for a hyper-realistic look. Our real mink lashes are the best-of-the-best, and you'll find plenty of luxurious options in our 'L' edit.

Treat Yourself to a Curated Lash Bundle

We know if can be overwhelming to choose just one set of magnetic lashes, especially when you'll pretty much suit all of them. That's why we've put together our great value lash bundle. We bundle together the bestselling lashes that belong together, throw in a magnetic liner and take some money off. Our bundles always cost less than buying everything separately: so they're the ultimate in one-click satisfaction.

Serving looks is easy with our lashes for almond eyes. Hand-curated to suit your eye shape, each piece in this collection will complement your natural features. Remember you can try on all of our lashes "virtually" using our Instagram filter.