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Wondering what's hot right now? We got you. You'll find our top-rated magnetic lashes, as reviewed by our customers, right here. These are our best magnetic lashes, our biggest sellers, and the ones that we just can't keep in stock. Whether you prefer medium-length winged lashes made from mink or fully-dyed ombré lashes in hot pink, you'll find something to suit your vibe in our edit.  

Discover Our Best Magnetic Lashes

This chart-topping selection has something to suit every occasion and mood. This page often switches up based on reviews, so check back regularly to find out which lashes have the five-star stamp of approval. While the page contents do change, you'll always find a few different shapes — lookout for round lashes like Virgo for a subtle look, wispy lashes like Vixen for ultimate flutter and cat-eye shapes like Luxe for an almond effect. If you're not sure which to go for, our Lash Guide has the lowdown on every style we carry.

Choose from Vegan or Real Mink

We've got the best magnetic lashes because they're made from "wow" materials. Our 'L' range is made from real mink — known for being super soft, ultra-fluffy and seriously natural looking. As for our vegan 'V' range, they're made from faux mink — a high-quality synthetic fiber that looks and feels just like the real thing. We're also super proud of our colorful magnetic lashes, which are a frequent feature on our top-rated lashes page. They're made from premium mink and dyed with non-fading environmentally-friendly pigments. Whether you choose vegan or mink, all of our lashes are fixed to a band with multiple magnets to keep them securely in place all day. 

Explore Our Best Magnetic Lash Bundles

We get it. Choosing just one of our top-rated magnetic lashes isn't easy. That's why we've bundled your favorites together, thrown in a liner (or two) and taken some money off. Our crowd-pleasing packs can be found right here. None catch your eye? Check out our dedicated curated lash kits page.

Top-Rated Magnetic Lashes Deserve Best-Selling Accessories

We don't just sell the best magnetic lashes — we also sell amazing tools of the trade to help you look on-point. Our magnetic liners are essential. They hold the magnets in place and, because they're made from highly pigmented liquid, make it easy to get the perfect flick. Our other lash accessories include applicators, so you can get precise placement without damaging the delicate fibers of your falsies. Another product we want to shout about is our on-the-go make-up remover swabs. Easy to throw in your purse, they make correcting little mistakes quick and simple.