Glamnetic x Hello Kitty and Friends PR Box (Limited Edition!)
Hello Kitty and Friends PR Box inside
Hello Kitty and Friends PR Box front
Hello Kitty and Friends PR Box back
Glamnetic x Hello Kitty and Friends PR Box (Limited Edition!)
Glamnetic x Hello Kitty and Friends PR Box (Limited Edition!)
Glamnetic x Hello Kitty and Friends PR Box (Limited Edition!)
Glamnetic x Hello Kitty and Friends PR Box (Limited Edition!)
Glamnetic x Hello Kitty and Friends PR Box (Limited Edition!)
Glamnetic x Hello Kitty and Friends PR Box (Limited Edition!)

Limited Edition PR Box

Glamnetic x Hello Kitty and Friends PR Box (Limited Edition!)

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Get all the adorable fun of our Hello Kitty and Friends Collection in one place with this limited edition PR Box exclusive. Designed in the shape of a suitcase, this massive PR box includes a full 17 products to keep you looking glam. The outside features Hello Kitty and her friends complete with a metal handle and leather latches, but what’s inside is even more exciting. 

All 7 of Glamnetic’s very first lash and liner kits are included, featuring a variety of styles from natural to glam inspired by Hello Kitty and her friends. Every kit comes with a mini magnetic liner made to fit comfortably in your hands for full control during application. 

Application of your lashes will be easier than ever with the inclusion of our Hello Kitty Lash Applicator and the 20 Piece Lash Anchor set for extra strength. 

Get creative with 5 uniquely colored full-size liners,  each inspired by Hello Kitty’s closest friends. From bright orange to deep purple, the options are endless! For a natural or more classic look, 2 liners in black and brown are also included. 

Once your glam is perfected, keep up with it on the go with the Hello Kitty Compact Mirror. This lightweight compact makes it easy to check your look with two mirrors, one for an HD view and one with 2x strength for a closeup look of your glam.

Anything is possible with Hello Kitty and her friends by your side, including flawless lashes!


*PR box is a collector's item and not for functional use.

  • Hello Kitty Natural Lash + Liner Kit
  • Hello Kitty Medium Lash + Liner Kit 
  • Hello Kitty Glam Lash + Liner Kit
  • My Melody Lash + Liner Kit
  • Gudetama Lash + Liner Kit
  • Chococat Lash + Liner Kit 
  • Kuromi Lash + Liner Kit
  • Hello Kitty Black Liner 
  • Hello Kitty Brown Liner
  • Hello Kitty Red Liner
  • Gudetama Bright Orange Liner 
  • Chococat Deep Blue Liner
  • My Melody Hot Pink Liner
  • Kuromi Deep Purple  Liner
  • Hello Kitty Compact Mirror
  • 20 pcs Lash Anchors
  • Lash Applicator 



  • Material: Japanese High-Quality Synthetic Fiber
  • Contains 6 PowerGrip Magnets for maximum hold, trimmable to any length
  • Comfort Fit Band
  • Comes with special magnetic case for safe-keeping
  • Reusable up to 60 times
  • Vegan


  • Precise tip for error-free application
  • Sleek design for optimum control
  • Rich pigmentation
    • Water-proof
    • Smudge-proof
    • Quick to dry
    • Paraben and SLS Free
  • Vegan and Cruelty Free


    • HD Mirror
    • 2x Magnification
    • Lightweight
    • Portable 
    • Dimensions: 2.7 x 2.7 x0.5”


    • Made with Japanese High Quality Synthetic Fibers
    • Band Width: 4mm
    • Length: 10mm
    • 1 PowerGrip Magnet Per Anchor
    • Portable, Lightweight, & Travel Friendly
    • Vegan


    • Dual-Ended
    • Size: 5.1 x 0.6 x 0.6 inches 
    • Stainless Steel


    • Materials: Cardboard Paper and Foam
    • PR box is a collector's item and not for functional use

    Lash Application Tips: 

    • Cut magnetic lash down to fit eye width. Apply magnetic liner on lash line where lashes will adhere
    • Adhere lashes to magnetic liner. Press lashes down onto magnetic liner on lash line to ensure magnets make a connection
    • For extra hold on the inner & outer corners, you may use anchors. Hold an anchor under your natural lashes near a lash magnet. It will snap into place, sandwiching your natural lashes.
    • To remove, gently peel off lashes from either corner. Cleanse skin with oil-based makeup remover.
    • To reuse, clean magnets by gently scratching off dried magnetic liner. Use makeup remover to clean off remnants, if any. Do not wet the magnetic lashes. 

    Liner Application Tips:

    • Shake well before each use. Apply an even coat as thick as the magnets by gliding felt brush tip along the upper lash line, wait 5-10 seconds then repeat 2-3 times for maximum hold. For optimal results, adhere Glamnetic lashes onto liner immediately after the last coat. Do not use liner on waterline or lower lash line.
    • Use a waterproof makeup remover to remove the Hello Kitty and Friends Magnetic Felt Tip Eyeliner Pen.

    Anchor Application Tips:

    • Hold the anchor by the tiny hairs and sandwich them between your natural lash and your Glamnetic lashes.
    • Make sure the tiny hairs on the anchor are going in the same direction as the magnetic lashes. 
    • You should feel the anchor snap into place, sandwiching your natural lashes in between.
    • For best application, use a tweezer/lash applicator.

    Lash Applicator Tips:

    •  Gently grab lashes and place on the natural lash line
    • Use tweezers to adjust lash accordingly
    • Comb through natural lashes and Glamnetic lashes

    Compact Tips:

    • Use top mirror to view features at a 1:1 proportion
    • Use bottom mirror for a more precise clarity through 2x magnification.

    Get the ultimate package of everything adorable with Glamnetic’s limited edition Sanrio PR Box! Designed in the shape of a suitcase, the outside of this PR box is almost as exciting as what’s inside. Featuring the cutest images of Hello Kitty and her friends, this suitcase comes complete with a metal handle and leather latches. 

    Inside this cutesy suitcase is where you’ll find all your Hello Kitty dreams have come true! Packed with all 7 of Glamnetic’s very first lash and liner kits, you’ll be all set to create any classic glam look with ease. Every lash is designed with a lightweight Comfort Fit band that sits perfectly on your lash line. Lining each band is 6 PowerGrip magnets that keep your lashes firmly in place all day without the budging. With styles varying from natural to glam, everything you need is all in one place! Each of the 7 lash kits features a mini felt tip liner with a sleek design for optimum control and comfort. Easily transportable, this mini liner is perfect for touch-ups on the go! 

    Get creative or keep it classic with all 7 of the Hello Kitty and friends inspired liners. Acting as a base for your lashes, each liner has a strong magnetic force to make sure your lashes stay on throughout the day. The bold black is perfect for creating a simple look while the brown makes for a gorgeous natural look that can be achieved with ease. When you need a pop of color in your life, the richly pigmented colored liners can easily provide a vibrant cat eye that lasts all day. Including Deep Purple, Hot Pink, Bright Orange, Deep Blue, and Bright Red you’ll have endless options to choose from to spice up your look. Each liner is 2.5 ml in size and is complete with a sleek design that gives you full control and comfortability when applying. Glamnetic’s specialized iron oxide-infused formula ensures that your liner is both smudge-proof, water-proof, and completely magnetic! Paraben free, SLS free, and fully vegan, you won’t have to worry about the risk of irritation. 

    Hello Kitty and her friends are here to help you keep your lashes on with extra strength! The lash anchors set contains a full 20 lash anchors, each with a single PowerGrip magnet to support your lashes with intense strength.  It only takes a few seconds to sandwich the anchors between your natural lashes and your Glamnetic lashes in both the inner and outer corners of the eye. Once applied, the anchors will keep your lashes fully in place no matter what the day may bring. Created using Japanese high quality synthetic fibers, Glamnetic’s anchors maintain the soft and fluffy appearance of mink while remaining 100% vegan. This portable kit features the cutest image of Hello Kitty and all of her friends and acts as the perfect storage box to keep your anchors safe. By placing your anchors back in the box after each use you’ll be able to reuse them again and again! Lightweight and travel friendly, you can take this kit with you anywhere just in case your lashes are in need of extra support. 

    Make every lash application effortless with this dual-ended applicator, featuring all the tools needed to make your routine easier than ever! Covered in the cutest images of Hello Kitty and her friends, this applicator is an adorable addition to your makeup routine! One side of the applicator features a tweeze, allowing you to adjust and apply your lashes without your fingers getting in the way. The other is equipped with a lash comb that perfectly blends your natural lashes with your Glamnetic lashes. Together, they make for the ultimate combination of must-have application

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