Girl Next Door Bundle


Bundle includes: Faithful (7mm - 13mm): a fluffy and subt...


Bundle includes:

Faithful (7mm - 13mm): a fluffy and subtle short, brown cat-eye lash that gives you major ‘au-naturel’ vibes.

Flawless (7mm - 15mm): a feathery and natural-looking short, brown round lash that’s perfect for “barely there” looks.

Flirty (7mm - 13mm): a soft black, short cat-eye lash that offers natural vibes to effortlessly complement your existing lashes.

Feisty (6mm - 11mm): a short, wispy lash in a feathery mix of brown and black hues to simply enhance your natural beauty.

Fearless (5mm - 10mm): a natural, mixed brown & black, short round lash that works for all your day-to-day outfits and more.

Fab (9mm - 12mm): a classic soft black lash with a fluffy look to accentuate your natural lashes.

Liquid Magnetic Liner in Black Magic

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