20 Piece Lash Anchors
Hello Kitty and Friends magnetic lash anchors
Hello Kitty and Friends magnetic lash anchors box
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Lash Anchor

20 Piece Lash Anchors

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Hello Kitty and all of her friends are here to help your lashes stay on with extra strength! This portable kit of 20 lash anchor is an effortless way to add even more hold to your Glamnetic lashes. Used best in the inner and outer corners of the eye, these anchors prevent any possibility of your lashes flying up throughout the day. Delicately designed with high quality synthetic fibers, these anchors blend seamless between your natural and faux lashes. 


  • Made with Japanese High Quality Synthetic FIbers
  • Band Width: 4mm
  • Length: 10mm
  • 1 PowerGrip Magnet Per Anchor
  • Portable, Lightweight, & Travel Friendly
  • Vegan


  • Hold the anchor by the tiny hairs and sandwich them between your natural lash and your Glamnetic lashes.
  • Make sure the tiny hairs on the anchor are going in the same direction as the magnetic lashes. 
  • You should feel the anchor snap into place, sandwiching your natural lashes in between.
  • For best application, use a tweezer/lash applicator.


  • Gently peel off anchors and cleanse skin with an oil-based makeup remover.
  • To reuse, clean magnets by gently scratching off dried magnetic liner.
  •  Do not wet the lash anchors.

Hello Kitty’s friends love to help her with any task that comes her way! Now, they are here to help you keep your lashes from any budging or fly-ups that could possibly occur! 

Each kit contains a full 20 anchors that ensures your lashes will stay in place all day! Our anchors feature 1 PowerGrip magnet each to create an intensely strong hold so you can be confident that your lashes are staying put throughout the day. It only takes a few seconds to sandwich the anchors between your natural lashes and your Glamnetic lashes in both the inner and outer corners of the eye. Once applied, the anchors will keep your lashes fully in place no matter what the day may bring. Created using Japanese high quality synthetic fibers, Glamnetic’s anchors maintain the soft and fluffy appearance of mink while remaining 100% vegan. 

This portable kit features the cutest image of Hello Kitty and all of her friends and acts as the perfect storage box to keep your anchors safe. By placing your anchors back in the box after each use you’ll be able to reuse them again and again! Lightweight and travel friendly, you can take this kit with you anywhere just in case your lashes are in need of extra support. 

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