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  • Discover Our Magnetic False Eyelashes
    High-impact eyes without the hassle? Say hello to our magnetic fake eyelashes. They're just as dramatic as eyelash extensions but without the time spent in a salon chair. Plus they're super easy to apply at home. You'll find our whole collection here—from curated lash kits to our exclusive magnetic eyeliners.

    Magnetic False Eyelashes — Say Goodbye to Glue
    Everyone loves the way false eyelashes look, but we've never met anyone who enjoys fussing with sticky glue. That's why we've cut out that step and replaced it with something you're already doing—applying eyeliner. It's the one thing all our lashes have in common (apart from all being super gorgeous, obviously). They all have small magnets on the back that instantly grip onto the magnetic particles in our magnetic eyeliner. Now, instead of messing with that tiny tube, you just need to apply two layers of liner and let the magnets do their magic.

    Magnetic False Lashes Made from Real Mink
    Mink is the absolute best type false eyelash on the market. Celebrities love it, and we can see why. Lightweight and fluffy, they don't weigh down your eyelids. They look just like natural eyelashes, just a lot longer and with far more volume so you get full-impact flutter. Our mink magnetic lashes give you the all the glamour of mink the easy way. Obviously we don't want to leave vegans out of the fun, so we've got a collection of faux mink magnetic lashes that are made from synthetic fiber. Because it looks and acts like the real thing, you'd never guess they weren't made from real hair.

    Magnetic Fake Eyelashes in Seriously Stylin' Colors
    Natural colors like black and dark brown are all good, but when you really want to turn heads it's all about bright colors. Living your best mermaid life is easy with our colorful lashes. We've got vibrant shades like fuchsia, pink and purple—ideal for big nights in the club. Some of them are mixed with black lashes for a more subtle look, while others feature more than one rainbow hue for drag queen-inspired style. See you at the pride parade.

    Choose The Perfect Magnetic False Eyelashes with Our Guide
    The most difficult thing about our magnetic false lashes is which set to choose? They're so easy to apply you can easily choose one set for day and one for evening, and switch them up in the office bathroom before you head out on your date. We've put together a Lash Guide so you can make your decision based on length, shape and style. As well as descriptions of our gorgeous lashes we also have images, so you can see what they look like in the wild.

    Still Can't Choose Just One Set of Magnetic False Lashes? We've Got You
    Our curated fake magnetic eyelash kits have two or more best-selling lashes, and we usually include an accessory like our magnetic eyeliner. Perfect as a gift—for yourself or your bestie—they take the stress out of choosing.

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