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Go All-Out with A Magnetic Eyelash Kit
Decisions are hard. Applying false lashes with glue is hard. Our magnetic lashes are all about making life easy—and with our magnetic lash kits, you don't have to choose between the amazing lashes in our range. Plus, you never have to mess around with sticky lash glue ever again.

Choose Your Magnetic Lash Kit Style
Each magnetic eyelash kit in our range includes a selection of our best-sellers. Choose from small kits with two sets of lashes—ideal for going from work to play—or pick up a whole week's worth of lashes with our larger kits. Some of our magnetic lash kits come with lots of little extras, including our magnetic liquid eyeliners as well as accessories like eyelash curlers and scissors to trim your new lashes down to size.

Get Started with A Magnetic Eyeliner Kit
The first step to applying our ultra-glam magnetic eyelashes is a slick base-coat of magnetic eyeliner. You can buy it separately, or choose a magnetic eyeliner kit that includes a bottle of the magic stuff along with two (or more) of our best-selling lashes. They're the perfect starting point if you've never used magnetic lashes before. You get everything all in one bundle, with a few different styles to choose from, plus the liner you need to start experimenting.

The Perfect Gift for Girls Who Have It All
Whether you're buying for yourself or your bestie, our magnetic eyelash kits make an amazing gift. They're ideal for girls who love experimenting with their looks. Our magnetic lash kits are especially great for that one friend who complains about the price and time it takes to get lash extensions. They're also fab for your friend who gets frustrated fiddling around with glue. We even think they're perfect for the friend who's literally never worn fake eyelashes before. After all, our magnetic eyelashes are so easy to apply they're perfect for beginners.

Try Our Magnetic Lash Best-Sellers
With a magnetic eyelash kit you can sample lots of lashes for less than it would cost to buy them individually. If none of the selections we've put together suit your style, you can build your own magnetic lash kit. As it's better to buy in bulk, we offer discounts of up to 35% depending on how many items you choose. You can mix and match whatever you want—magnetic liners, vegan lashes and brightly colored ones—and we'll apply a discount when you pick more than three items.

Magnetic Eyelash Kits to Suit Every Style
As well as our classic magnetic lashes designed to enhance what nature gave you, our lash kits also include selections from our colored lashes collection. These bold bright colors make us think of big nights at the club or getting dolled up for pride parades. With our Taste the Rainbow magnetic lash kit you can try all of our striking colors at once. Or, if you want to avoid real mink, try our vegan lash kit. This hand-picked selection of our best cruelty-free lashes is ideal for looking your best without harming any animals in the process.