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      Complement your lash addiction with our fav tools. From mini scissors to trim and shape your magnetic lashes, to curlers for getting the perfect flutter, our lash accessories make it even easier to get that gorgeous look. 

      Turn Up The Volume with An Eyelash Curler
      As if our mink magnetic lashes don't already have plenty of wow-factor, our curler turns them up to 11. This is a totally versatile little tool. You can use it on your own lashes before applying your Glamnetics to help them blend in better. Or just use them to enhance what nature gave you on days when you want to go all-natural. You can also use them to give your Glamnetic lashes a bit of extra curl. They're super easy to use — just clamp them on over whichever lashes you want to curl before applying your mascara. And, if you gently heat the pad with your hairdryer, the lashes will hold their curl even longer.

      Place Your Lashes Perfectly with Our Applicator
      The easy and hygienic way to put on our magnetic lashes. Our applicator works just like tweezers, but has a special shape designed to grasp the lashes and fit them to the curve of your eyelid. It's blunt, too — always good when you're putting it close to your eyes. Start by applying two layers of our magnetic eyeliner first, and then use the applicator to position your lashes exactly how you want them. The magnets on the back will fasten onto the eyeliner, but you can use the applicator to make some small adjustments. It's also available in different colors, from classic black to vibrant pink.

      Get The Perfect Shape with Our Scissors
      Eyes come in different shapes and sizes, but our magnetic lashes only come in one length. That's why it's best to trim then down to fit your face. You could raid the craft cupboard but the easiest way to do it is with our mini scissor. They have a tiny little snipper for precision, with a cute curved shape. To use them, start by placing your brand new lashes over your eyelid so you can see how much you need to trim. Cut them so that there is a magnet at either end — this way the lash will stay in place. As well as perfect for cutting our lashes down to size, they're also ideal for giving brow hairs a quick trim. Yep, they're a total vanity table essential.

      Take Off Your Lashes Anywhere with Our Makeup Remover Dispensing Q-Tips
      Taking off our magnetic eyeliner is easy. It just wipes off with waterproof makeup remover. Obviously it's not practical to bring a bottle of make-up remover everywhere with you, and that's where our makeup remover dispensing Q-tips come in. Available in a pack of 24, it's easy to throw a few in your purse before a big night out. The middle is filled with makeup remover, and when you snap the blue tab it pools into the precision tip. Gently wipe off the magnetic eyeliner and your eyelids will be clean, fresh and ready to get glam again in the morning.