24 piece magnetic lash anchors in round case
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Individual magnetic lash anchor
24 piece magnetic lash anchors in round case (stylized)

Lash Anchor Compact

Anchors 24pcs

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Strengthen the hold of your fav Glamnetic lashes even more with Lash Anchors! Use these anchors in either corner of your eyes or under each magnet of your magnetic lash. They come extremely handy when you are looking for that extra staying power. Lash anchors basically sandwich your natural lash between the magnetic lash and itself to ensure that your lashes will stay in place all day long. You can also opt to ONLY wear the lash anchor and magnetic eyelash on days you do not want to put any liner on. They are delicately designed for a seamless finish. The 24 piece lash anchor compact also comes with a high-quality mirror and a storage compartment to conveniently store your magnetic lashes in. 

1. To apply, hold the anchor by the tiny hairs and place them under your natural lash near a lash magnet. Make sure the tiny hairs on the anchor are going in the same direction as the magnetic lashes. For best application, use a tweezer/lash applicator.

2. You should feel the anchor snap into place, sandwiching your natural lashes in between.

3. For middle lashes, we suggest using a lash applicator to make application easier.


1. To remove, gently peel off anchors and cleanse skin with an oil-based makeup remover.

2. To reuse, clean magnets by gently scratching off dried magnetic liner. Do not wet the lash anchors.

Lash Anchors are About to be your New Best Friend

Confidently flaunt your beautiful Glamnetic lashes knowing that they are 100% going to stay in place all day long. Our lash anchors are designed to be extremely user-friendly, and have a strong hold. All it takes is two seconds to snap them into place and voila! They will leave you wondering where they have been all your life.

The Ideal Solution to “No-Liner Days”

We all have those days where we’re just not in the mood to put any eyeliner on. Enter: lash anchors. These enable your magnetic lash to stay put by sandwiching your natural lashes between the two, securing your lash in place all day. Apply them in either corners of the eye or under every magnet, depending on the strength of the hold you are going for.

Keep your Lash Anchors Looking their Best, Always

Along with taking care of your Glamnetic lashes, you also need to keep your Lash Anchors in good condition for repeated use. Since they are much tinier in size than your regular magnetic lash, the best way to handle them is with a tweezer to ensure that they are applied delicately. Not to mention, it is also easier. Always store your anchors in the compact. To clean them, gently scratch out the liner from the magnet.

• Made in PRC

• Warning: Keep out of reach of children.

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