What’s In My Glamnetic Tote Bag?

What’s in my tote bag? Just all of the Summer Essentials and some goodies from Glamnetic!

You’ve always got to be prepared. You never know when you’ll be down for an impromptu night out after a day at the beach. What are you putting in your bag?

Let us inspire you with our tote bag collection!

Summer Essentials

We’ll start off with some summer essentials that every on-the-go girl needs in their tote bag!

  • Sunnies to protect your eyes (or just to look cool!)
  • Scrunchies for emergency ponytail situations. Because let’s face it, it’s getting hotter. And, hair gets annoying. Instead of feeling like you want to chop your hair off, just put it up. 
  • Ear Pods for tunes, because you walk to your own beat!

Lashes And Liner 

Now, we get to the good stuff. Wanna know how to get glam in seconds? Magnetic lashes, babe. Just paint on the liner, apply the lashes, and boom. You're ready for an unexpected night out with the gals! Get lashes in all lengths, styles, and shapes to match your eyes and style perfectly, right here! We know you won’t be disappointed.

Press-On Nails

Got a hot date after a beach day? Skip the hours in the nail salon and grab your favorite pair of press-on nails! Any shape, style, or length! The world is your oyster! And what’s even better is that they last up to two weeks unless you want to change it up. 

Makeup Remover Pen 

Next up is Glamnetic’s Soo Clean makeup remover pen, which comes in two sizes (jumbo and mini). The Mini Pen is the perfect size for your purse, so you can fix any makeup mishaps or just make sure everything looks fresh in the summer heat. 

Makeup Remover Swabs

Our On-The-Go-Oopsies makeup-removing swabs are perfect for makeup removal, in case your waterproof mascara turns out not to be so waterproof. They’re presoaked in gentle makeup remover that will take off the toughest makeup without ruining the rest.  

Other Summer Essentials To Put In Your Tote Bag

Of course, there are some other summer essentials that you just can’t leave out. Here are some other things you should put in your tote bag to be ready for anything this summer!

Facial Mist

The best way to keep your makeup looking fresh is by hydrating your skin, not only before your makeup routine but throughout the whole day. You can keep your dewy glow all day by storing some facial mist in your bag and giving yourself a spritz every few hours.

Compact Mirror

How are you going to know your makeup’s on point if you can’t see it? Keep our Holographic LED Compact Mirror in your bag to make sure you’re always looking fresh-faced and ready for anything. 


I know, it’s a mom thing to say. But seriously, don’t forget your sunscreen! Sun damage and the dry heat of summer (depending on where you are) are the leading causes of premature aging of the skin, meaning wrinkles and fine lines. No thanks! I’ll take my SPF 50, please! 


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