How to Apply Gel Nail Stickers FT. LILHUDDY


Introducing Glamnetic x LILHUDDY Collection – our FIRST ever celebrity collaboration! 

LILHUDDY aka Chase Hudson, is an artist with over 40 million followers across social media. His tattoos, painted nails, and his cutting-edge fashion resonate with so many because he is authentic to himself and inspires others to do the same.

Following his true passion in music, his sound and lifestyle exemplify that being true to yourself and having confidence in being different is pivotal in finding your own place in the world.

Inspired by his unique style, music, and experiences, LILHUDDY collaborated with Glamnetic to create 10 gel nail sticker kits. With this collection, you’ll be able to mix and match to get the coolest nails on the internet. There’s truly no limit to self expression.

In the kit:

♡ 20 gel nail stickers in 10 inclusive sizes

♡ Alcohol Pad

♡ Double-Sided Nail File (Material: Emery)

♡ Cuticle Stick

How to use UV/LED Light: 

♡ Press and hold the power button for one second to activate UV light for 30 second timer. 

♡ Press and hold the power button for three seconds to activate UV light for 60 second timer.

♡ Repeat the steps as needed. 

♡ Cured nails under UV light will ensure longer durability.


Application Guide:

♡ Clean nails with alcohol pad and use cuticle stick to push back cuticles

♡ Select suitable gel nail sticker according to your nail width. 

♡  Peel off gel nail sticker from plastic sheet.

♡ Place sticker on nails, gently stretch sticker if necessary for better fit. Smooth the sticker from the cuticle to the edges. Press and hold for 3-5 seconds to prevent air bubbles.

♡ Cut or file off excess gel nail sticker with included nail filer.

♡ Use Glamnetic UV Lamp and cure nails 1-3 times for around 1-2 minutes for longer lasting gel nail stickers (recommend)

To remove:

♡ Soak pad in acetone, press on nail for 45 seconds.

♡ Push gel nail sticker outwards from cuticles using cuticle stick.

♡ Use the same pad to wipe off any remnants on natural nails for 15 seconds.



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