Easy-Peasy Eyeliner Tips for Your Eye Shape

Eyeliner Tips for Your Eye Shape

Eye makeup is one of the most important parts of every makeup routine because it can either pull the entire look together to bring out the allure or end up looking like a total fail. If you’re going to apply your eye makeup on your own, you have to ensure you know what you are doing.

Applying eyeliner can be one of the most challenging parts of the routine for most people, especially when they run out of ideas for catchy eyeliner looks that suit their eye shape.

If you’re struggling with figuring out what eyeliner look goes best with your eye shape, we’ve got you! Keep reading to find out easy tips for eyeliner application.

How to Determine Your Eye Shape

Like many of our other bodily features, our eyes come in different shapes and sizes, each beautiful in its own way. To bring out the uniqueness of your eyes with eyeliner, you must first know what your eye shape is. Here are a few ways to determine yours.

a.    Round Eyes

Round eyes usually have a visible crease in your eyelid. You can also stand in front of a mirror and check if you have any white showing above your iris. If you do, then you quite possibly have round eyes. Round eyes also usually tend to look more open.

b.   Almond Eyes

Almond eyes also have a visible crease on the eyelid. However, your iris would usually touch the top and bottom of your upper and lower eyelids when you have your eyes open.

c.    Monolid/Hooded Eyes

To check for monolid eyes, see if you have an eyelid crease when your eyes are open. Eye creases are not very visible in monolid eyes. Also, the eyelid shape looks flatter or more hooded than other types of eyes.

How Should You Apply Eyeliner for Your Shape of Eyes?

If you know your eye shape, you can simply use the perfect eyeliner style to bring out the beauty of your eyes. Here are a few easy styling tips for different eye shapes.

1.    Almond Eyes

Almond eye shapes are the easiest to style, as almost anything looks good on your eyes. The perfect eyeliner, like this easy-to-use magnetic eyeliner and eyelash combo by Glamnetic, will help you create a flattering look.

Start with a thin line in the inner corner of your eyes and slowly but steadily build a thicker line as you get into the outer edge of your lids. For a sassy touch, you can give the liner a slight flick at the outer edge of your eyes to add a wing.

Lashes For Almond Eyes


 2. Hooded or Monolid Eyes

This eye shape gives you a lot of room to work with, but it can get quite tricky because opening your eyes can hide your liner. Start thin in the inner corner of your eyes, then go thicker in the middle and towards the outer edge. For a more defined look, add a cat-eye wing at the outer edge.

You can also create an almond eye illusion by making the middle area slightly thicker than usual. Thin eyeliner lines don’t work for hooded eyes because they can disappear if you close your eyes. Lining the bottom of your eyes will create a small eye look, so don’t.

Lashes For Hooded Eyes

Lashes For Monolid Eyes

3.    Round Eyes

Lining round eyes should help you create an exotic look. Simply go for a less thick line from the inner corner of the eyes to the outer edges and give it a nice pointy wing still following the lash line. Draw a thin line from the outer edge of your bottom lash line halfway into the bottom lash line to create a less rounded illusion for your eyes.

Lashes For Round Eyes

Getting that flawless and stunning makeup look is not a wild, unachievable dream. Work with your beautiful eyes, easy-to-use eye products, and follow our easy-peasy styling tips to get the best look you’ve always dreamed of.

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